I make visual content that supports social change, environmental action, independent or community projects and accessible learning. Under my umbrella of ‘visual content’ is video, photography and design.

After recognising that film can be a tool for change makers and a learning process for all involved, I was drawn to documentary filmmaking during my degree and continued studying with Otoxo Productions in Barcelona. Producing several award-nominated shorts propelled my skills and understanding as a filmmaker, cementing my motivation to create responsible and socially conscious films.

Barcelona is a brilliant example of the intersection between art and social diversity. With an abundance of community projects, it became the city which I evolved in as a freelancer. I produced videos for a diverse range of projects including independent films, nonprofits and education centres.

Eager to focus entirely on video production, I started full-time as the Visual Editor for one of Europe’s leading wellness startups. There I created, curated and managed the distribution of the visual content. The multifaceted startup environment encouraged me to broaden my skill set; progressing as a photographer, delving into digital marketing and launching my first steps into design.

I have now returned to working freelance, this time with two new approaches - working while travelling and using only open source software. I am especially excited by anything that explores the connection between humans, nature and technology.

Do you have a project or idea and need a freelancer? Let’s chat :-)

If you’re a non-profit organisation or individual with little to no-budget, I am open to working in exchange of time, skills, attributions, voluntary donations, food, karma, etc.